Office 1202, Concord Tower, Media City, Dubai
Office 1202, Concord Tower, Media City, Dubai


About Us
The Educational and Cultural Center "ARABESK" is the interweaving of cultures and values of the whole world into one beautiful ornament of professionalism!

From 2014 we have been successfully teaching:
- employees of embassies and consular services,
- specialists from international and Belarusian companies,
- foreign students, postgraduates, doctoral students from leading universities in Belarus, foreign languages and Russian as a foreign language,
- everyone who wants to get high-quality knowledge.

Our programs are based on the experience of teachers, language practice, current international programs and solving a specific task that you set for us.

The "ARABESK" team gathered together people who are native speakers not only of the language, but also the culture. This allows you to learn the language in dialogue with the native speaker and give deep knowledge about the environment where the language was born, reveal the traditions and mentality of the people who speak the language, demonstrate the system of values and immerse in the atmosphere of the country from which the language originates.

"ARABESK" is a multicultural educational center that combines the wisdom and culture of different countries and practicality of the modern world.
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Arabic for beginners
The program for beginners will help you quickly master the basic principles of language proficiency
English for beginners
English classes are held in a group and individual format. The level is determined in the Demo lesson
English B1, B2, C1, C2
If you need English to solve a specific problem, for example, business communication or moving, our teachers will help you learn
Russian for foreigners
Unlock Your Russian Potential with the Best Lessons for You.
Learn language with a native speaker!
Together with us
  • We teach your favorite languages
    95% of the center's teachers are native speakers who share with you all language features, teach you the correct pronunciation and help you fall in love with the language forever.
  • Systems approach
    The programs are built in the way you can easily, step by step, gradually improve the language level and feel confident in your own abilities.
  • Individual approach
    The author's programs of our teachers are based on many years of experience and practice, comply with modern international standards and will be adapted to your request and initial level.
  • Training intensity
    The studying process is built on your capabilities and mastering the material. Prior testing to determine the level and distribute to group in which you will feel comfortable.
  • Convenient time and days
    For individual lessons - the schedule of lessons is built at a convenient day and time for you, and group lessons are held on different days and time so that you can adjust your schedule.
  • For work and business
    Lessons at the "Arabesk" center are suitable for personal development and career growth. With us you can prepare for all international language exams and pass them successfully.