Office 1202, Concord Tower, Media City, Dubai
Office 1202, Concord Tower, Media City, Dubai

Learn Chinese at the
Educational Institute «Arabesk»

  • For communication
    he center has developed a program for mastering grammar, vocabulary, basic conversational skills of the Chinese language. With us, both adults and children from 5 years old can study Chinese individually, in pairs and in groups with a native speaker teacher.
  • For study
    The Chinese language course is suitable for those who aim to study in Chinese universities and work in their chosen specialty.
  • For career and business
    We offer to learn Chinese to anyone who wants to communicate freely with colleagues and partners, as well as build a career and become an expert locally and internationally.
  • For travel and relocation
    The language is necessary for those who often visit China and plan to relocate to this country.
2 or 3 lessons per week
The standard training cycle is 2 lessons per week. If you need to speed up the learning process, we can adjust the schedule according to your request

1 lesson, 120 minutes
This is the optimal time for intensive language study, grammar and speaking practice, as well as immersion in the cultural environment
Final test
You will successfully pass the test if you have at least 70% of correct answers. The level is confirmed by the State standard certificate
On the first trial lesson, you will pass the test and the teacher will determine the level of knowledge.
Distribution is possible into groups by level: HSK / YCT 1 - 6
If you need Chinese for solving a specific problem, for example, business communication or moving, then individual lessons will allow you to gain the necessary knowledge in a short time.
    We work only on modern teaching materials. Our teachers have developed proprietary methods that allow you to learn the language easily and effectively.
    If you live in a dynamic stream and every minute is valuable for you - the ONLINE format will be an excellent solution. You can do it anywhere in the world.
Chinese is considered one of the most popular languages in the world: Chinese is spoken by about a billion people, while English is only 400 million. Many sites on the Internet are in Chinese. If you know how to use it, you can freely get acquainted and communicate, keep abreast of new films and cultural events, travel, make purchases, develop a business. You will definitely enrich your cultural level, as many Chinese characters remain the same as over 2000 years ago. This means that you can study the ancient culture and customs of this amazing country.

The «Arabesk» teachers are native Chinese speakers. This means that they are effective in teaching methods of both Chinese and speak Russian well. Any difficulties in learning Chinese in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speech patterns, they help to easily overcome.

Their experience and your perseverance and interest are a great tandem for learning Chinese.