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Office 1202, Concord Tower, Media City, Dubai

Learn Spanish
at Arabesk INSTITUTE

  • For communication
    If you need intensive Spanish courses to quickly master grammar, vocabulary, basic speaking skills - there is a special program at Arabesk center. Our teachers will help you develop your reading, writing and speaking skills, and you will be able to communicate fluently on any topic.
  • For a career
    Spanish is widely used in global politics. Knowing it will help you grow professionally and make a career abroad. After training at Arabesk, you will begin to communicate freely with your Spanish-speaking colleagues and conduct business negotiations.
  • For business
    You will develop your business vocabulary, improve your listening comprehension of Spanish. Teachers who are native speakers will teach you to communicate freely with foreign clients and partners.
  • For traveling
    You can communicate in Spanish in Latin America and Spain without using universal English, which will definitely win over the indigenous people to you. You will learn spoken Spanish in audio (songs, conversations, etc.), learn how to order food, bargain on purchases, check routes and much more.
2 or 3 lessons per week
The standard training cycle is 2 lessons per week. If you need to speed up the learning process, we can adjust the schedule according to your request

1 lesson, 120 minutes
This is the optimal time for intensive language study, grammar and speaking practice, as well as immersion in the cultural environment
Final test
You will successfully pass the test if you have at least 70% of correct answers. The level is confirmed by the State standard certificate
At the first trial lesson, you will pass a test and the teacher will determine the level of your knowledge.
Groups are formed according to the students' knowledge levels: A1-C2
If you need Spanish for a specific purpose, for example, business communication or moving, individual lessons will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge in a short time
    We work only on modern teaching materials. Our teachers have developed proprietary methods that allow you to learn the language easily and effectively
    If you live in a dynamic stream and you value your time - the ONLINE format will be an excellent solution. You can learn Spanish from anywhere
Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world and second most common after Chinese. It is spoken by 7.6% of the world's population, and 480 million people speak Spanish as their native language.

The main goal of teaching Spanish at Arabesk is the development of oral speech and active vocabulary replenishment. Our teachers have developed copyright programs and teaching materials that they use in their classes. You will be able to meet other people in language classes and become friends of the same interests, expand your social circle. Regardless of the purpose of your studies, at our center you will find Spanish courses that are suitable for you.

For you:
Spanish for children, schoolchildren and adults
Spanish for beginners and intermediate learners
colloquial Spanish
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