Office 1202, Concord Tower, Media City, Dubai
Office 1202, Concord Tower, Media City, Dubai

Russian language at «Arabesk» Educational Institute

  • For communication
    Russian language courses will help you communicate freely with Russian-speaking friends, colleagues and partners. The teacher adapts Russian vocabulary to your language level, helps you work out the language material, develops your Russian communication skills.
  • For studies
    Children can learn Russian, which will be useful in their future profession.
  • For career and business
    We offer to learn Russian to everyone who wants to communicate freely with colleagues and partners, as well as to build a career and become an expert in the Belarusian or Russian market.
  • For travel and relocation
    When you travel to the countries of the former CIS, you improve your communication skills and speech with native Russian speakers in natural environment.
2 or 3 lessons per week
The standard training cycle is 2 lessons per week. If you need to speed up the learning process, we can adjust the schedule according to your request

1 lesson, 120 minutes
This is the optimal time for intensive language study, grammar and speaking practice, as well as immersion in the cultural environment
Final test
You will successfully pass the test if you have at least 70% of correct answers. The level is confirmed by the State standard certificate
At the first trial lesson, you will pass a test and the teacher will determine the level of your knowledge and suggest an optimal program.
If you need Russian for a specific purpose, for example, business communication or moving to another country, individual lessons will provide you with the necessary knowledge in a short period of time.
    We work only on modern teaching materials. Our teachers have developed proprietary methods that allow you to learn the language easily and effectively.
    If you live in a dynamic stream where every minute counts, ONLINE format will be an excellent solution. You can practice Russian wherever you are.
Many foreigners perceive the Russian language as a puzzle with its tenses, cases, complex spelling and subtle vocabulary. It seems to them that it is simply unrealistic to overcome the language barrier. Educational center "Arabesk" invites foreigners wishing to take courses of Russian language in Minsk. Our teacher offers intensive and deep learning programs. They will help master the Russian language not only "from scratch", but also to master the spoken and formal business style of communication, to study grammar, to consolidate the existing skills and knowledge.

We teach children and adults, interested tourists, employees of embassies and consulates, foreign students of higher educational institutions, graduate students and undergraduates, businessmen and employees of international companies.

We offer an express program of intensive study every day on weekdays for 4 academic hours and a 9-month program of deep study of the Russian language for foreigners 2 times a week for 90 minutes (2 hours). Programs are compiled at the individual request of the student: we take into account his personal, career, professional and other goals. We adjust the duration and schedule of classes for your goals and free time.