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Learn English in Educational center «Arabesk»
Learn English in Educational center «Arabesk»
For communication
English is must have in the modern world. "Arabesk" offers a special program for students who need intensive English courses to quickly master basic speaking skills.
For career
English allows you to expand professional horizons and quickly achieve career promotion. After studying at the "Arabesk" center , you will be able to understand foreign colleagues, the content of simple documentation in English, fill in standard questionnaires and write simple letters, conduct business negotiations .
For business
Are you planning to deal with international markets? Learning English is a must! At the "Arabesk" center you will develop your business vocabulary, improve your listening comprehension. Native speakers will teach you to communicate fluently with foreign clients and partners.
For development
Travel, new acquaintances, books and films in the original - the whole world for you with knowledge of English! There are no boring activities at the "Arabesk" center.

We are keen on teaching and putting our soul into every activity. Our teachers have developed their own programs and teaching materials based on the best British textbooks.
Tue, Thu, Fri 11:00 am -04:00 pm
In English language courses at Educational center "Arabesk", teachers are interested in improving your knowledge. You will acquire knowledge quickly and efficiently, we instill an interest and love for English. Our teachers have developed their own programs and teaching materials based on the best British textbooks. Lessons are based on understanding the language as a mother tongue and developing communication skills.

The Arabesk team brought together people who are not only native speakers of the language, but also of the culture.

This allows you to learn English in dialogue with the "primary source" and get deep knowledge about the environment where the language was born, reveal the traditions and mentality of the people who speak it, demonstrate the system of values and immerse you in the atmosphere of the country.

For you:
English for children, pupils and adults,
English for beginners and advanced learners,
general and spoken English,
business and professional English,
for exam preparation and target lessons
Lesson formats
At the first trial lesson, you will pass the test and the teacher will determine the level of knowledge.
Distribution is possible into groups by level:
Beginner A1
Elementary A1
Pre-intermediate A2
Intermediate B1
Upper-intermediate B2
Advanced A C1
Advanced B C2
The mini-group format in pairs is popular with our students. It allows you to get an individual approach from the teacher and have a partner to practice communication skills in English
If you need English to solve a specific problem, for example, business communication or moving to another country, then individual lessons will allow you to get the necessary knowledge in a short period of time
We work only on modern teaching materials. Our teachers have developed proprietary methods that allow you to learn the language easily and effectively
If you live in a dynamic stream and every minute is important for you- ONLINE format will be an excellent solution. You can practice English wherever you are.
This is an atmosphere of informal communication, you can improve your vocabulary and break language barrier, pleasant conversation in the company of like-minded people
2 or 3 lessons per week
The standard training cycle is 2 lessons per week. If you need to speed up the learning process, we can adjust the schedule according to your request
1 lesson, 60 minutes
This is the optimal time for intensive language study, grammar and speaking practice, as well as immersion in the cultural environment
Final test
You will successfully pass the test if you have at least 70% of correct answers. The level is confirmed by the State standard certificate
Trial lesson
  • A trial lesson takes 30 minutes
  • This is great opportunity to get to know the teacher, pass prior test and ask any questions
  • Online classes are held on ZOOM or SKYPE
Lessons in a group
55 AED
1 online lesson
  • 2 times in a week for 60 minutes
  • The schedule is formed, including the students preferences
  • Online classes are held on ZOOM or SKYPE
Lessons in a pair
75 AED
1 online lesson
  • 2-3 times in a week for 60 minutes
  • The schedule is based on the capabilities of the couple
  • Online classes are held on ZOOM or SKYPE
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